The Journey
an Unreal Tournament 2004 Machinima Movie


"for we are many walking down the dry riverbed...
but let me tell you about the one
who suddenly broke away
to discover what lies beyond the hills
that rule our lives..."

What is it?

"TheJourney“ is a non-interactive movie, just like a Cut-Scene in a video game.
It took about three months from scratch to finish and was first uploaded in January 2004.
There have been two refinements since for the "Make Something Unreal" Contest by Epic Games.

What should I download?

If you own a copy of UnrealTournament 2004 on Windows and want to watch the movie in realtime on your screen, go download the uMod Installer of the „Grand Finals Version“. If you have already installed a previous Version of „The Journey“, you only need to download the „Grand Finals Patch“ and install.

I would suggest to uninstall older versions and redownload the full version if you have a broadband connection. The performance improvements don't work for the Patched version as the most significant changes have been made to the texture packages.

If for some reason the „uMod Installer“ files do not work for you, just download the appropriate "ZIP Archive" file and extract it to your UT2004 base directory.

If you do not own a copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 on Windows, you can download the „zipped Quicktime“ version which requires the free Quicktime Player 6 from Apple.

Note: if you are using the Linux or Mac version of Unreal2004, please download the additional Linux/Mac Patch and install it. As both of these systems use OpenGL rendering, you should expect a slight loss of performance and visual quality. Sorry about that.

Awards and Screenings

Official Selection for the Ottawa Animation festival 2004
Winner Grand Finals "Make Something Unreal Contest" by Epic Games
Shortlisted for Best Machinima at Bitfilm Festival 2005
Shortlisted for Best Direction, Best Visual Design, Best Sound, Best Independent Machinimam at the 2005 Machinima Filmfestival.
Showcased the Melbourne International Filmfestival.
Showcased at the Interfilm Berlin international shortfilm festival.

Grand Finals Version
uMod Installer / ZIP Archive

Grand Finals Patch
uMod Installer / ZIP Archive

captured Movie
zipped Quicktime 6

Linux and Mac Patch
uMod for Linux and Mac

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Creative Commons License
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